Celebstagram: To Celebrity Engagement

Learn how to get any active celebrity to engage with your account via Instagram.

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A Guide For Entrepreneurs, Artists, Influencers, Producers and More!

It's time to get your favorite celebrities engaging!

Celebstagram is everything you need to have 
the stars lurking and exploding your page with engagement. 

My method has helped many influencers and business 
get celebrity engagement, now its my time to share it with you.

Learn the Basics

Learn how to easily tweak your page to get and keep celebrities attention.

Learn the Method

Learn the step by step guide on how to get any active celebrity to engage with your account and respond to DMS via Instagram.

Learn to Monetize

Learn how to profit from the exposure you'll get from celebrity engagement.

My method is

Amazing Profits

Learn how to reap the benefits from the massive exposure you'll get from celebrity engagement. We'll teach you what pages to make and some monetization techniques.

Massive Growth

Get amazing exposure from celebrity engagement from people sharing your posts, to reaching the explore page, and getting thousands of followers plus more.

12 Hour Support

With your purchase I promise to never respond later than 12 hours. Supporters mean the world to me and your inquiry's are most important. You'll never go unanswered.


Most frequent questions and answers

I previously said a $100 on BHW unknowingly other people would think they need to invest that much. I’ve spent a 100$ and more testing my method. My average customers wouldn’t spend that especially at once maybe over time and I should correct that. The bigger your account is the more you’ll spend, which is hard to explain without revealing peices of the method. But let’s say you have a small account 30-40k and you implement the method on one celebrity, you’d probably spend like 10-15$. 3 or 4. would be 50$. If your account is smaller then you spend way less. I empathize in the book, you’d only have to do this method once. If you target a big celebrity then things catch on. And yes this is one for account. If you have multiple accounts, you could give one account an shoutout, But otherwise you’d have to do the method on each account. But once you succeed with the method, you should triple that money if your account has some monetization, especially if you’re selling something. Nobody wants to buy a 14$ book on a method and invest more than it would make or profit from and I wouldn’t want to sell anything like that lol. ​

Of course, it does. 
I won’t lie and say my method has worked for thousands of people like a cheesy marketer but it has worked for me, some influencers I’ve shared it with and friends. I’ve been using my method for about a year and decided to share it with the world. Photo Proof and Video Proof are provided in the book.

The more you guys ask questions the more I can update my book so it can work for everybody. As you can imagine trying to explain something you been doing to new people can be hard. So I actually appreciate all the questions.

Um a lot. This method is apart of all my Instagram projects and I’ve made thousands from Instagram. Recently one of my friends got the same celebrity he made art of to like his picture. After that, he was featured in a couple of blogs, and then one of his pieces sold for 4k and this is all from celebrity engagement. How amazing is that?! The exposure is insane.
Whether its CPA, drop shipping, selling books or courses, you will succeed.

To be honest, if you have trouble with Instagram as in getting followers, keeping them engaged, and making or finding good content. Then yes this will be kind of hard. If you don’t have troubles with that, then no. But you don’t need a lot of followers for this to work as in 10-100k and up It’s not needed, this method has worked on some of my personal pages between 2-5k.

I did this make this method, and if you see it anywhere else it’s been stolen. I made this method because I was genuinely interested. From working with celebrities for video work, I already knew how they worked and thought. I also knew that Instagram was their new beloved playground beside twitter. I took notice of how powerful celebrities are on social media when it comes to impact and then tried to replicate that. So many eyes are on celebrities and if they engage with your account then the eyes are on you which means more exposure, more money.


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